Chemical Solutions - Diesel MAX

What is Diesel MAX?

Diesel MAX is a special formula fuel enhancer product for improving system cleanliness in diesel injection systems, to promote improved atomisation and hence improved combustion of diesel fuel.

Benefits & Features

  • Diesel MAX provides additional top cylinder lubrication.
  • Diesel MAX increases cetane rating.
  • Diesel MAX is very easy to use - just add 50 millilitres per 50 litres of diesel into the fuel tank.
  • Diesel MAX cleans the fuel tank, fuel lines, and helps maintain clean injectors.
  • Diesel MAX ensures an open atomisation pattern which gives the finest fuel spray.
  • Diesel MAX stabilises fuel and reduces smoke emissions in turn saving the environment.
  • Diesel MAX is economical - It can save you up to 20% on diesel consumption. Average 15%!


Diesel MAX can be used in:

  • light, medium and heavy duty trucks, agricultural diesel vehicles and equipment.
  • light delivery vehicles, passenger vehicles, sports utility vehicles and multipurpose vehicles.
  • heavy earthmoving and mining equipment.
  • stationary diesel units like diesel generator sets.


Diesel MAX is locally manufactured in a state of the art facility that carries an ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

This ensures that each and every batch produced adheres to strict quality control measures, is consistent and uniform in nature and every drop delivers the quality you will need for both large and small applications.

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